Eco Wool Rugs

Eco Wool Rugs

Made From 100% Natural Materials

Eco Wool Area Rug, Carpet, and Padding. For a HEALTHIER home.

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Eco Wool Rugs

Safe and Comfortable

Due to their closeness to the floor, your toddlers can be at increased risk of inhalation of VOCs. Worry no more when they crawl and play on the floor with Eco Wool Area Rug, Carpet, and Padding.

Eco Wool Rugs


Enhance your home's light interior with our dark colored Area Rug and Carpet, and brighten your dark room with our light-toned ones! Make your home more aesthetically pleasing without harming the environment and your family's health.

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Wool, as our primary material has proven its durability for centuries. Eco Wool showcase wool fiber's natural characteristics combined with a state of an art facilities and latest technologies to provide longevity and performance on all our products.

Eco Wool Rugs

Pet Friendly

Treating pets as a family, we want a pet-friendly environment for them. Eco Wool will help you with that! The materials we use on our products are all natural, durable, non-allergenic, and low maintenance.

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