5-Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

No warranty is made or implied as to the visibility of tearing, crushing, matting, cuts, improper use of cleaning agents, rugs installed on stairs, and damage caused by chairs with roller casters, burns, soiling, staining or any other changes in appearance are not considered manufacturing defects and are excluded from this warranty. This being a natural product, it is subject to natural variances in odor, texture, and coloration. Our rugs and padding are like any natural flooring product, such as wood. The coloration, odor, and texture variances of our products are not representative of a defect and are inherent in the natural materials and manufacturing and are not warranted as well. Individual reactions, allergies, sensitivities physical, or in any other way, is not warrantied.



Our 100% pure wool is a natural fiber and there is variations in color and texture from lot to lot; therefore, the actual all natural wool rug is not warrantied in any way to match the samples and do not constitute manufacturing defects.

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